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Foam Fabrication Applications

As a custom foam fabricator, we serve companies across a broad range of industries. The uses for custom foam products are endless, including the applications listed below.

Examples of Custom Foam Products

  • Packaging: (protective, functional and decorative) including computer design, such as end caps, corner blocks, corners, dividers, pouchers, liners, void fill, military packs, and tool box inserts.
  • Seals and gaskets: (open and closed cell foams, neoprene EPDM, VNN and PVC) with and without adhesive backing for automotive and appliance uses.
  • Filtration for gas and liquid applications (20-80 pores per inch, or PPI).
  • Case Inserts: (sales, use, decorative, demonstration kits) that show off your products in a positive way, including turnkey sales where we supply the case as well as the foam including vacuum formed, injection molded and soft sided fabric cases.
  • Cushioning: (products, furniture, bedding, padding and matting) including spring floor subflooring and matting for dance studios, exercise studios, gymnastics studios, etc. 
  • Transportation: for door panels, headliners, panels and gaskets
  • Healthcare: We offer foam parts for medical and industrial tapes, healthcare devices, medical & pharmaceutical packaging
  • Industrial applications: appliance gaskets, construction, paint masks and tool kit drawer liners
  • Sophisticated prototyping: and sampling using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery for protective packaging. Our prototype capabilities include computer design utilizing drop curve and static load analysis, single and multiple drop height engineering and vibration damping for complete product design.
  • Insulation: for sound such as sound absorbing foam to absorb sound and noise and for temperature such as encapsulation to keep the cold in and the heat out. 

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