Custom Healthcare Foam Products

For over fifty years, Foamcraft USA has specialized in designing, engineering, and fabricating foam products for a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare. The company’s cutting-edge technology, equipment, techniques, and talent deliver the best in custom healthcare foam products.

Within the healthcare sector, Foamcraft USA specifically services the biomedical, pharmaceutical, dental, and surgical fields. The company offers medical industry foam solutions such as foam parts for medical and industrial tapes, healthcare devices, and medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

Healthcare Foam Materials

As with all medical equipment, Foamcraft’s custom healthcare foam products must be exact in their engineering. That’s why Foamcraft’s expert engineers are thoughtful in both the materials used and the designs executed. Polyurethane foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam are the two primary materials used.

  • Polyurethane foam is both versatile and flexible, making it a common foam for a variety of products, including medical packaging. Foamcraft offers this foam in polyether and polyester types, as well as in multiple densities, colors, and levels of firmness.
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam is a fine-celled, chemically cross-linked material that is water and ozone resistant, less susceptible to extreme temperatures, and durable. Medical packaging is commonly made with this type of foam. 
    • VOLARA is a popular variety of cross-linked polyethylene foam offered by Foamcraft due to its durability, consistency, and overall aesthetic. Medical and industrial tapes, healthcare devices, and medical packaging all utilize this foam variety.

Product Cuts

Foamcraft strives to create truly custom products to meet specific customer needs, and its healthcare products are no exception. Their advanced cutting capabilities allow for exact precision every time.

Die cutting is a popular cut for healthcare products. It is the process of stamping foam parts using “dies” (steel ruled tools) on a punch press. With Foamcraft’s multiple punch press machines—including clicker presses, hydraulic presses, and rotary die-cutting machines—any two-dimensional shape can be created to exact specifications.

Sanitation Standards

In addition to precision, sanitation is another major consideration when developing any product for the healthcare industry. Foamcraft USA’s engineers are well-versed in the industry’s latest sanitation standards, assuring customers that all products will be up to par. Contact us today for all your medical industry foam solutions!

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