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Foam Fabrication Materials

Foamcraft USA has the capability to fabricate custom foam parts in a variety of materials. We have experience working with a broad range of applications and one of our specialties is foam packaging. Foamcraft USA was founded in 1962 with one purpose in mind: to be the best and most competitive foam fabricator in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on having a complete line of foam materials while offering standard and unique fabrication processes and techniques for your unique application.

Our wide variety of foam material types available include polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, cross-linked polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam, filtration foam, flocked foam, EVA foam, neoprene foam, sponge rubber (open & closed cell) foam, and more!

Foamcraft Material Advantages

Why choosing one of Foamcraft USA's many foam fabrication material options for your custom or standard application is the right choice:

  • Versatility: We provide a wide range of foam types for your unique application, these include soft foam, medium foam, firm foam, re-bonded foam, anti-static foam, and conductive foam to name a few.
  • Lightweight: Foamcraft can create your custom-cut foam that protects without adding excessive weight.
  • Range of Use: We are able to custom cut a wide variety of foams to your exact specifications.
  • Superior Cushioning: Our foams are superior to paper, bubble wrap, and corrugated products.
  • Single or multiple impact protection: We are able to fabricate custom-cut foam products to keep packaging costs down.
  • Image enhancement: Our foam material options are perfect for presenting a showcase product, look great, and show you care about product presentation.
  • Cost-effective: Foamcraft USA supplies foam that is inexpensive to buy, weighs next to nothing, yet offers huge shock-absorbing properties for your custom applications.

We maintain an extensive array of expanded foam materials and work with you to create a custom foam product for you.  Contact Foamcraft USA today to discuss our custom foam fabrication materials options for your unique foam application. 

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