Custom Industrial Foam Products

When business booms, so do urban growth and development. For over fifty years, Foamcraft USA has stayed ahead of the growth curve, offering quality, custom-engineered foam products for construction, appliance, industrial, and automotive manufacturing companies.

Broad Application

The demands are great in today’s industrial sector, but Foamcraft’s robust portfolio of targeted industrial products is greater. Foamcraft’s custom industrial foam product lineup showcases the best in durability, value, and innovation. Application offerings include:

  • Appliance gaskets and seals
  • Construction
  • Paint Masks
  • Toolkit Drawer Liners

Dependable Materials

Modern industrial companies’ expectations of quality products are equally great. Low-cost products that need to be replaced often are simply not the answer. Foamcraft knows this. That’s why they offer an impressive collection of foam materials, each boasting its specific advantages.

The materials best-suited for and therefore used in, all of Foamcraft’s custom industrial foam products are made from polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, or cross-linked polyethylene foam.

  • Polyurethane foam is a versatile and flexible foam variety from density and color to firmness and fabrication. It is a popular choice for many different applications and is ideal for appliance gaskets and seals.
  • Polyethylene foam is a semi-rigid, closed-cell expanded foam material most commonly used for protection when packaging fragile items. However, its moisture and chemical-resistance qualities make it a good choice for paint masks.
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam is a fine-celled, chemically cross-linked material that protects delicate finishes, resists water and ozone absorption, and withstands extreme temperatures. VOLARA is a type of polyethylene foam that is ideal for most general industrial applications offered by Foamcraft.

Versatile Cuts

A benefit of all materials used in Foamcraft’s industrial foam products is the versatility when it comes to cutting capabilities. Foamcraft offers the most complete line of machinery, which, in turn, allows for nearly any cut a customer may need. From die and contour cutting to compression and saw cutting, Foamcraft can do it all.

When it comes to dependable, durable, high-quality custom industrial foam products, Foamcraft USA is the best option every time. Request a quote today to get started with our industrial foam solutions!

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