Neoprene Foam Parts

What is Neoprene Foam?

Neoprene is a type of foam that does not break down in the sun, wind, or water. It’s physically tough, resistant to burning, can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and remains unaffected by contact with many oils and chemicals. Commonly known as chloroprene, it hardens and creates a still-air and watertight seal when under compression.

Neoprene Applications

Whether exploring ocean depths, pushing athletic performance to new levels, or discovering new lands, it’s vital for equipment to function in extreme conditions. Improve your application with high-performance neoprene foam parts from Foamcraft USA. Neoprene is ideal for a variety of applications across home goods, sports and outdoors, automobile, industrial, manufacturing, and aviation sectors. Common uses include:

  • gaskets
  • life jackets
  • sealing tapes
  • wetsuits
  • weather stripping
  • fly-fishing waders
  • hoses
  • laptop and tablet sleeves
  • knee and elbow pads
  • electrical insulation
  • and many other uses

Neoprene is manufactured using a mold, which produces foam buns. The chosen mixture of foaming additives and catalysts determines its density, hardness, color, and resilience properties. Buns are then cut into sheets of a specified thickness or fabricated into the desired shape, piece, or block using a die, compression, or contour cutting methods.

A versatile and resilient product, neoprene is available in a variety of grades to enhance performance. Let us know your objectives and requirements, and our expert team will help identify, engineer, and fabricate the best neoprene foam parts to meet your needs.

Working with Foamcraft USA

Founded in 1962, Foamcraft USA strives to meet customer needs by offering complete foam fabrication solutions. Our experienced engineers use sophisticated prototyping, sampling inspections, and state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate high-performance, long-lasting foam products. Drop curve and static load analysis, single and multiple drop height engineering, and vibration damping is utilized to design ideal solutions for our customers. We create custom designs using computer-aided and physical models.

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