Turnkey Custom Packaging Solutions

Nothing is worse than opening a package to find the item inside was damaged in transit. Give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve with turnkey box manufacturing services from Foamcraft USA.

As a custom boxes manufacturer, Foamcraft USA works with you to create turnkey custom packaging solutions that provide superior cushioning against vibration and impact forces, which protect items during handling and transportation. Our experienced engineering team can specially design a box, print on its exterior, and custom-manufacture foam inserts. 

We cut polyurethane, polyethylene, and polystyrene foams to meet your specifications and requirements. Our capabilities include die, compression, and contour cutting methods. 

Polyurethane is versatile and flexible and is available in densities ranging from one to six pounds per cubic foot. Polyethylene foam is a semi-rigid, closed-cell product that is ideal for packaging delicate and heavy products. Polyethylene foam is a fine-cell chemically cross-linked material with a micro-cellular structure. With high tensile strength and anti-wear properties, it resists water absorption, ozone, and extreme temperatures.

Let us know your objectives and requirements, and our expert team will help identify, engineer, and fabricate the best turnkey custom packaging boxes to meet your needs.

We are here to assist you as your custom boxes and packaging manufacturer, for more information contact Foamcraft USA.


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