Custom Foam Cushioning

Quality and innovation in every product—that’s what you can expect to find at Foamcraft USA.

Foamcraft USA specializes in designing and engineering a wide variety of custom foam products including foam cushioning. Such cushioning is used in furniture, bedding, and padding, as well as spring floor subflooring and matting commonly found in dance and exercise studios.

From start to finish, the experts at Foamcraft USA guide customers in choosing the right materials and designs to meet their cushioning needs.

Cushioning Materials

With such a broad range of uses for foam cushioning, the material used to engineer each product is key. Foamcraft USA offers multiple foam materials to best fit customers’ unique product needs. These materials include:

Cushioning Cut

In addition to what materials are used in foam cushioning, how these materials are cut is also a vital consideration. Foamcraft USA offers an array of in-house foam cutting capabilities, each with boasting their own benefits to best meet customers’ specific needs. When it comes to cushioning, die and contour cutting are ideal.

  • Die cutting is the process of stamping foam parts using “dies” (steel ruled tools) on a punch press. Foamcraft USA utilizes multiple punch press machines—including clicker presses, hydraulic presses, and rotary die cutting machines—in order to further customize cuts.
  • With contour cutting, a machine is used to cut intricate patterns automatically, allowing for higher yields in less time. Foamcraft USA’s two contour cutting machines allow for versatility and high yield.

With over 50 years of expertise in the foam industry, Foamcraft USA offers peace of mind when it comes creating the cushioning you need. From custom design services to expert product engineering, Foamcraft USA delivers premier, cost-efficient cushioning every time. Contact us to request your quote today!

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