VOLARA Foam Packaging

VOLARA Foam Fabrication

Offering unmatched performance with an elegant appearance, Volara foam is at home protecting merchandise in transit or safeguarding one-of-a-kind items on public display. Improve your product’s appeal and presentation with Volara foam packaging products by Foamcraft USA. 

What is Volara Foam?

Volara is flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam that is cross-linked using an electron irradiation process, which results in a continuous, smooth surface. Volara foam has excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption, little vapor transmission, and superb thermal insulation. It’s non-toxic and contains no chlorofluorocarbon, hydrochlorofluorocarbon, or hydrocarbon-blowing agents. 

Applications Using VOLARA:

A soft and pliable archival-quality foam that’s smooth to the touch, Volara is commonly used to line boxes, crates, display cases, drawers, and shelves. Other applications include vibration-dampening gaskets, seat cushions, and wood or foam-board bracing, among others.

As a VOLARA closed-cell polyethylene foam fabricator, Foamcraft USA manufactures high-quality Volara foam using a mold, which produces closed-cell cross-linked foam known as a bun. The chosen mixture of foaming additives and catalysts determines its density, hardness, color, and resilience properties. The bun is then cut into sheets of a specified thickness or fabricated into the desired shape, piece or block. Our capabilities include die, compression, and contour cutting.

Fabrication Processes:

Die-cutting is the technique of stamping foam parts using steel ruled tools or “dies” on a machine called a punch press. Any two-dimensional shape can be configured and cut on several types of punch presses.

Compression cutting is the process of compressing foam parts against a custom tool engineered in-house to form a finished part. Compression cutting is ideal for packaging round items such as wine bottles, liquor bottles, and glasses. The scooped-out-cavity configuration hugs and protects these items entirely, offering superior protection.

Contour cutting creates intricate shapes from large foam blocks. Once cut to the proper size, the depth of the contour cut foam part is then slit to the desired thickness. With no custom tooling required, this cutting process is fast and economical. 

Working with Foamcraft USA:

Foamcraft USA was founded in 1962 and provides cost-effective complete foam fabrication solutions. Our knowledgeable engineers use sophisticated prototyping, sampling inspections, and innovative equipment to fabricate high-performance and durable foam products. We utilize drop curve and static load analysis, single and multiple drop height engineering, and vibration damping to design the right solution for each application. Custom designs are created using computer-aided and physical models.

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